Communities Resolving Our Problems: the basic idea
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Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance
it accumulates in the form of inert facts.
Henry Brooks Adam

The Solution Engine: LEAP
Look for: Information Gathering Help; Look Thinking Skills ; Hunting Categories .
People Direct ; Problems (SUP & FAQ) ; Physical Libraries ; Virtual Libraries ; Radio & Telephone ; TV & Video ; Adventure ; Curriculum Standards ( National / North Carolina ), and Lesson & Unit Planning ; MetaLibrary ; Instructional Software.
Evoke a response in others using Evoke Thinking Skills and these links: ClarisWorks (CW) Word Processor/Outliner ; Microsoft Word 5.1 Processor/Outliner; CW Spreadsheet ; CW Paint-Freeform ; CW Drawing with Objects ; CW Database. ; (more Evoke details).
Assess your work using Assess Thinking Skills and these tools: Email conferences: Newsgroups (netnews) and LISTSERVs ;Internet 2-way video/audio ; multicasting (one or many to many) ; IRC/Talk/Chat ; MUDs. ; Virtual Reality Chats.
Publish/Perform by preparing and presenting using: Publish Thinking Skills ; Stimulating Starter Questions ; Offline Publishing - Brochure example using ClarisWorks 4.0; Newsletter - Online Publishing -HTML Authoring ; Other publishing formats - Web Radio ; Web TV.

If this Advanced Web page is too dense for you, try the Easy Version.

 Problem Solving by individuals can be simple or quite comprehensive, even for Web beginners. Some problems require Team problem solving.

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