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Curriculum Development

This Web page reviews the curriculum building process, provides files which contain models for the design of lesson plans and unit plans and also provides links to indexes of actual lesson and unit plans. Note that the State Department of Public Instruction is gradually linking lesson plans to the entire North Carolina K-12 Curriculum Matrix. Please provide and/or suggest other models for lesson, unit and other curriculum formats and I will include them.

Some of the files are available in ClarisWorks format, which requires that you have ClarisWorks 2.0 or higher on your workstation and have modified preferences under the Options command to allow your browser to retrieve and display such files. Those files that can be converted to HTML format and viewable by all Web browsers have been so modified, but some file types like databases and spreadsheets are not convertible in this way.

Table of Contents for this Page:


Lesson Plan Models

Unit Plan Models

Actual Lesson and Unit Plans

For my readers, I have a question that derives from problems posed by students and other faculty. How do you address curriculum development when the district and state objectives have missed an important topic, or have grown out of sync with the culture or the concerns of professional educational organizations and/or research?

Other Lesson and Unit Plans Sites

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