Communities Resolving Our Problems: the basic idea
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Thinking at the LOOK Stage

When you go looking, you go exploring, sifting for items of interest and collecting items of interest. You need skills with managing and questioning. The lists of questions below suggest different ways of using the five levels of thinking skills to look, whether looking for problems or looking for solutions.

But the issue of thinking goes beyond learning and using these five levels. The THINK: Guidance section addresses other significant issues.

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As you Look, sift and collect, you need a basic powertool skill, the ability to copy from one application and paste into another, into the window or screen of the application that you are using to collect your ideas, which is generally a word processor file. Whatever your choice, you must have an answer to a basic question:

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As you Look, sift and collect, you need to apply a range of thinking skills. To further stimulate your thinking, click underlined terms to retrieve explanation and examples of question formats involving that term.

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