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Looking for Adventure? The links below lead you to numerous places for experience, community development and values development, both on and off the Nets. They provide opportunity to find problems that need your help for their solution. Please bring me the locations and descriptions of great adventures to add to this list.

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North Carolina & Other Weather Reports
Get the details before your adventures. You may need an umbrella.

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Tour Guide Advice
  • Hawaiian Tour Guide links that cover the basics of traveling on the Web, from the files of the Honolulu Community College.

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    Community Problem Solving
  • Search a Still Unsolved Problems Index, these are problems identified by others that need your help.
  • Rural Datafication Project, a Midwest project that should be cloned to our mountain region.
  • A Canadian FreeNet - Ottawa ; FreeNet Los Angelos, CA. Freenets are computer network that parallels the National Public Radio concept, now called the National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN). Its first site and still the network's home site is Cleveland.

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    General Touring
    • Paul's Hot Tub, experiments with Analog to Digital Convertors, live over the Internet.
    • Hillside Elementary School,, sixth grade students in Minnesota using a Mac LC as server, created the First Elementary School Web on March 16, 1994.
    • JASON Project, to educate and excite students about science and technology.
    • Paris, tours of the city of lights. Tres bon!
    • WebLouvre, North Carolina Server
      Currently hosting a French medieval art demonstration, a tour around Paris, the Eiffel Tower and more. Over 800 pictures. (WebLouvre, Paris Server; go here if NC is busy but generally the French site is the busiest and the NC site is faster and a clone of the French site.)
      Home and Family Computing Supershow, First national "Hands-on" technology tour: see, touch, test drive and purchase. Check to see when the tour will next be closest to where you live.
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      Art Boutique and Images
    • Kaleidospace, art boutique
    • Cirque de la Mama, art boutique
    • Reiff II, a museum in Europe accepting artwork for online exhibition
    • Washington U. Image Archive Need a picture? Here's a large set of possibilities but it can be very busy.

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      Educational Play
    • Lego, Legoland for digitalholics. Lego's lawyers take down a great Web site.
    • The Exploratorium, a museum of science, art, and human perception with over 650 interactive "hands on" exhibits.
    • Remote Robot Arm
    • Remote tele-excavation, Mecury site users tele-operate a robot arm over the Net. A pneumatic system allows users to direct short burst of compressed air into the sand at selected points. Couldn't you use the same concept to keep students in touch with an environmental center site?
    • The Internet Hunt Collection Race with others to find answers on the net. Old hunt questions available for practice. An example of an Internet Hunt used in course context.

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    • MicroMuse at MIT login as guest, then enter tt, then enter connect guest.
      MUSE stands for Multi-User Simulation Environment. It is a text based system using a format common before the arrival of image ridden Web pages.
      "Players connect to the host computer, adopt a character and personality of their choosing, and enter into the synthetic world, consisting of a web of connected rooms and movable props. Everything (rooms, movable objects, connecting passageways, and players) has a description (typically a few lines of text) which are displayed when a player looks at it."
      "Actions such as picking up or dropping an object, and exiting to an adjacent room also generate a short message appropriate to the action."
      "At MIT's AI Lab, MicroMuse features explorations, adventures, and puzzles with redeeming social, cultural, and educational content. The MicroMuse Science Center offers an Exploratorium and Mathematica Exhibit complete with interactive exhibits drawn from experience with Science Museums around the country. The Mission to Mars includes an elaborate tour of the red planet with accurate descriptions rivaling those found in National Geographic."

      "Elsewhere on MicroMuse, one can find an outstanding adventure based on the children's classic Narnia; a recreation of the Wizard of Oz adventure built by a gifted 8-year old; a challenging Logic Quest; and a living model of the science fiction genre 'The DragonRiders of Pern' by author Anne McCaffrey."

    • Interactive Frog Dissection from the Curry School of Education, Virginia. Integrates text, 60 in-line color images, 17 quicktime movies illustrating organs and procedures, and numerous clickable image maps.
    • Interactive Frog Dissection from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Imaging and Distributed Computing Group.
    • Games Domain
    • LambdaMOO courtesy of Xerox's great thinktank at PARC. This is a VERY busy place so do not be surprised if you do not connect. Background Information on LambdaMOO
    • The Internet Chess Server, choose your level of skill and have a chess board handy to visualize the game. If that link does not work, try via the Number Server.

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    • Space Shuttle - Live, when one is up. Many other useful links as well.
    • Shoemaker-Levy comet, a wide range of shots from the comet vs. the Jupiter event. Other planetary NASA projects can be found at National Space Science Data Center. NASA Commercial Technology Network.
    • Best Images from NASA Welcome to the planets!

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    Spicy Products
    • Pizza Hut, can you get an order in?
    • Suck, pair of HotWired employees moonlighting at muckraking.
    • Starwave, Paul Allen's (microsoft co-founder) multi-million dollar web site.
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    Totally Random Leap to some Web site
    • The RouLette Wheel of Web Sites Potluck: randomly picks from a database of Internet site addresses (URLs). Closes your eyes, click your heels, oops, your mouse, and you're there!
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    Web Editors' Picks of Great Places

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