Internet Radio

Many radio stations are experimenting with the placement of their shows on the Internet as downloadable digital files. With computer technology, any sound (speech, sound effects, or music) that you put on audiotape or videotape can be digitized and stored as a file that can be transmitted across the net. Further, it is relatively quick and easy to separate the audio from the video track with computer editing software.

Many commerical and non-profit radio stations that use the airwaves have also chosen to distribute their radio programming over the Internet. But it is not necessary to have a continuous stream of sound every minute with the Internet. The radio station could be organized around on-demand requests based on a search of the station's audio library database or a simple scan of a list of audio compositions on a web page.

Create a Desktop Computer Radio Station and Compose its Broadcasts

There are many sites and applications that can help support composition and manage an online radio station from the hard drive of personal computer. For more, search Yahoo for online radio.

Listen to Web Radio Stations

There are several applications that can receive continuous audio from online radio stations and thousands of radio stations from around the world that are online.

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