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Internet Relay Chat- Live Typed Conversation

With IRC software, you type and everyone on the same "channel" sees what you type, and you in turn see their answer.


The links below lead you to places to IRC chat and how-to documents.

  • IRC-FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Relate Chat or use get irc-faq to retrieve it.

    Also check Usenet newsgroups on IRC for help in finding out how to use IRC, such as alt.irc. Type irc or ircII (e.g., irc two) at the Vax system prompt to see whether you have the IRC front-end progrtam installed. If you have it installed and running, there will be a /help within the IRC application to obtain more information (or you can use /help intro or /help newuser. See also the Nov/Dec, 1994 Issue of Internet World which has feature articles on this topic, especially p.58-62, Aaron Weis's article titled Gabfest: Internet Relay Chat.

    World Wide Web Sites for IRC Info

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