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Online Processing Kit
  • CROP web site


  • SUP branch
  • Wonder-Web (Ch2)
  • Intellectual Teamwork (Ch3)


  • Ethical thinking (Ch13)
  • Critical thinking (Ch13)
  • Creative thinking
  • Higher order thinking (Ch4)


  • LEAP  (Ch3)

  •    LOOK

  • Information Pyramid  (Ch6)

  •    EVOKE

  • Web design (ch1-2)
  • Word processing (Ch3)
  • Outlining  (Ch3)
  • Spreadsheets  (Ch4)
  • Databases  (Ch5)
  • Image editors  (Ch6)
  • Video-audio editors  (Ch7)
  • Programming & electronics (ch8)
  • Intro to animation & VR (Ch12)
  • Music editors  (Ch13)

  •    ASSESS

  • Intellectual Teamwork (Ch3)
  • Assess tools (Ch6)

  •  email


  • Web  sites  (Ch2)
  • Newsletters  (Ch6)
  • Videotape  (Ch7)
  • Slideshows (Ch12)
  • The eCROP Model in Full

    eThink: A Foundation for Thriving in the 21st Century with the Power of Digital Literacy

    In this model, the only change from the previoius model is that the LEAP process is expanded to show a few examples of the media commonly used to support each stage or phase of this thinking.

    Click anywhere within the picture of the model for a new and different CROP perspective.

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