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Assessing Progress - Communication Tools

The applications listed are meant to be a typical representative of a class of software, not the best or the only such software. Problem solvers need feedback on their progress and challenges. Use the tools and resources on the left for interaction, including systems that can provide feedback from automated computer applications and from human beings. Self Check: Assess Thinking Skills starter questions.

Computer Feedback Systems

Feedback from digital systems and human beings provides not only checks but further stimulation for ideas. To a small degree, digital systems can be designed to carry out evaluations and reports on basic mechanical aspects of a composition.

Essay or writing feedback.

Web page design

  • Bobby (Web Page Checker)

Synchronous (live interactive communication)

Live feedback provides real-time discussion (synchronous) with others who are invited to discuss your ideas, projects or compositions. In addition to other forms of communication, the Internet provides a world of people and electronic communities to contact.


  • One's personal rolodex (contact list) and face-to-face meetings





Virtual Reality

Web conferencing (combines screen, whiteboard, text, audio, video sharing)





File Sharing

Social Networking Systems

Web sites/Blogging



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