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"The amazing thing about hydrothermal vents is that we missed them for so long and now they're everywhere. . . .  If your mind is not prepared, it doesn't matter what you look at. You don't see it."

Dr. Richard T. Barber, Professor of Biological Oceanography,
Duke University in Chronicles of Higher Education (1998, November 13), p.A15.

Thinking Skills: Creativity

Creative thinking is the mental process involved with the invention of new ideas or concepts, divergent from that which currently exists. A research study showed that you should do what you enjoy and creativity will follow. However, differing views of creativity have a wide range. Divergent thinking plays an important role in such thinking, which begins with the capacity to believe in that which others do not believe exists and to recognize novelty and difference. Developing an environment that nurtures innovation requires emphasis on trust, motivation and inspiration. Within that environment, the capacity to find or identify something as a problem is as important as developing a creative solution for it (Fasko, 2000).

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Seminal researchers in the field (Guilford, 1986; Renzulli & Callahan, 1981; Torrence, 1974) recommend consideration of 4 criteria when evaluating the degree and quality of creativity: fluency (the number of ideas); flexibility (the range of ideas); originality (new or unusual ideas, Piaget's accommodation); and elaboration (adding details to ideas, Piaget's assimilation).

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