Thinking & Teaching Tools for Digital Thought: History, Trends and Design Issues


Five Essays

I. A brief Date Timeline of Computing Tools

II. The Four Ages of the History of Educational Computing

III. Seven Major Trends of the Fourth Age Impacting Educational Planning

IV. Current and Future Computer Designs in the Three Major Parts of A Computer

V. Computer Design Humor

photo of Internet cafe

Click image above for live cafe webcams.

Clicking on the webcam images above right of an Internet cafe in Russia will lead to examples of different live views of the kinds of places where help can be found in becoming more computer literate and where extended discussions about information technology take place. As these views intend to show, people around the world use such places regularly. (Of course, sometimes live webcams will show that they are empty.) To enter a computer intensive place such as an Internet cafe or computer store or technology planning committee and carry on a meaningful conversation about using, selecting, buying and integrating computers and related technology requires a foundation of basic information about the computer and the nature of its history. Such facts and concepts will be discussed in the five essays above.

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