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Publishing (anytime viewing):

paper: printers; book publishers; journals and magazines; educational journals; science journals; science education; social studies; language arts; mathematics education.

online: text open access journals; audio podcasting & audio blogging; radio (info); video sharing; online media (info); virtual reality multi-user systems; animate animation ; photography photo sharing; photography; web sites hosting (info); manufacture United Import

Performing (live publishing): radio;streaming webcams; audio conferencing; web conferencing.


Select from the tools and resources on the left for systems of publishing and the completion or end of developments, compositions and projects.

Publishing (anytime viewing): This web page can only serve to remind the readers of the applications stored on a personal computer that will be used for publishing. For publishing text to paper this means applications which can aim at the attached printer, a publishing shop that provides higher quantity and resolution quality, or a journal or book publisher that takes from months to years to select, produce, promote and distribute ideas. Journal indexes are best found within specific content areas so that subjects provided are just examples.

For publishing online, the options are far more numerous going beyond text to include all media types. The process is significantly faster, from seconds to minutes for distribution. The reviewing always will take longer, but open access journals do not charge for viewing, though most paper journals that duplicate their articles online do. Interesting issues are raised by professors paid to publish which their own state citizens must pay to see. Further, depending on the media, there is significantly less or little extra cost for publishing all other media, e.g., animation, video, audio, images, virtual reality and more. Specialized media sites accent particular media forms while those with a little more knowledge can post any form of media to their site or link from their own hosted site to media stored in speciality areas.

Performing (live publishing):

Live feedback provides real-time discussion (synchronous) with others who are invited to discuss your project or composition. In addition to other forms of communication, the Internet provides a world of people and electronic communities to contact.

The feedback, editing and revising process provides significant critical and creative elements for successful problem solving.

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