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Question Ambassadors - Suggestions

Date: ____________

Dear Community Member,

Your Question Ambassador, ________________ (print student name) brought your question to our attention. Your question was beyond our team's capacity to work on an answer, but we do thank you for contributing a question.

We can however, make the following contributions.

The Question Selection Team did forward your question to an Internet accessible database of Still Unsolved Problems, and it is possible others around the world may find and answer your question, and they may contact you. Your question in this database has the identification number of # 227. We searched the Internet database of web pages called Lycos for the word ______________ found in your question and it reported that there were 33,429 web pages that included that term on their page. You can get help from your area public library in using this and other Internet research tools. Area libraries do have professional staff that are interested in serving you and helping you to find an answer to your question. The telephone number(s) of area libraries can be found below:

XXXXX Public Library: 586-xxxx.

Your question sheet is attached should you wish to further pursue an answer.

Thank you!


Mrs. Jones, XXX Grade Teacher, XXXX School.

Updated May 8, 1997.
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