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WCU Question Ambassadors

Dear Community Member,

At Western Carolina University, I, _______________________ (print student name), am studying or preparing to study the subject of __________________ . As a part of this study and in order to provide a community service, students in my course must solve problems or questions about this topic. If you have such a question, we would like to share it with other members of this student's class. It is important that it be a question whose answer you do not know but would truly like to know. A team of students from the class and instructor will study the questions you and others provide and select questions for which they believe they can develop a useful response. If your question is not selected for further work, it will be returned to you within a week with some ideas on where you could go to find an answer and such unanswered questions may also be selected to be placed in a global database of questions which might lead to others on the Internet finding and choosing to work on your question.

Please remember that this is a very public and open process. In order to develop the best answer, your question and contact information is likely to be shared with many people, including librarians and reference personnel, other community students and adults, and through an Internet database of questions, will be made available to citizens throughout the world. Please do not use the Question Ambassador process for questions and answers that need to be kept private. Note also that the students' time to study a topic is limited, but they will provide the best answer they can in the time they have. By the end of their period of study of this topic, selected questions will have a written response returned to the question asker. But the question asker is responsible for a final check of the data to determine its accuracy or suitability for his/her own purposes. That is, the student's institution and those participating in the response may not be held liable for any further use of their response and related information that is provided to you.

Questions are chosen based on the ambassador's and the class's ability and knowledge to develop a response to the question and hopefully a complete and satisfactory answer. No question can be further processed unless the complete contact information is provided below.


____________________, Course Instructor
Western Carolina University

For the Question Asker
____________________________________ Today's Date
____________________________________ Your name (please print)
____________________________________ Telephone number
____________________________________ Email address (if possible)
____________________________________ Signature
____________________________________ Institution or Organization
(Recording this last item about institution is only necessary if the question is directly related to your institution or organization.)

What is your question?





____________________________________ Signature of the Question Ambassador
(the student responsible for understanding your question and returning a response to your question)

Updated May 8, 1998.
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