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     Look: Concepts

    Chapter Overview. An Introduction the Literacy of Image and Audio (15 pp)

    Understanding and Composing Audio

      Look: Technical

    • GarageBand is a "best of class" application for Macs, iPads and iPhones; getting similar capacity in Windows requires other audio editor and music composition tool options that are not free and for which there is no tutorial support in Atomic Learning. Audacity however is cross-platform (Mac, Win, Linux), free and supported with Atomic Learning Tutorials.


    Understanding and Composing Images

  • What is visual literacy and its educational relevance? "Reading images" "Reading Photographs" What's Happening Now? Lesson Plan. Find more visual literacy lesson plans.
  • Questions for reading images.
  • Image vocabulary
  • Image reading worksheet design ideas. National Park Service; Arizona Libraries.
  • The Whole Child Initiative (single page)
  • Skim:

  • What makes a good digital camera?
  • How many megapixels do you need?


  • Great image editing applications
  • Free media of the digital palette to mix with any image project.
  • Introduction to Image Editing using advertisements.
  • Evoke

    Still Image

  • Draw or photograph an image or two that is relevant to the theme of your blog posting and Powerpoint slide. Put your image(s) in both. It is important here that the image be of your own composition. if you also wish to include other images for which there are not copyright issues, feel free to do so but those additions are optional and will not weigh in the grade for this activity. See an example blog posting that includes images and a PPT slide that includes images.

  • Audio

    Compose an audio message, (e.g., podcast) of something between 1 and 2 minutes in length (longer is OK but not required). The audio should be relevant to the theme of your blog posting and Powerpoint slide. It is important that the audio composing/editing should be of your own composing. Use 1 of the applications introduced in class, Powerpoint narration feature (cross-platform), Audacity (cross-platform) or GarageBand (Mac only). See an example blog posting that includes audio and a PPT slide that includes audio. Hang on to your audio composition and we'll insert into your blog posting in class.

  • In-Class activity. Create a musical composition using Magic GarageBand and keep the mp3 audio file that is created [In-class activities.] Later you will insert this audio in the creation of a different media composition that will be done in a later chapter.

    Programming Thread: Lego Robotics - do programming tutorials 1, 2 and 3 found in the right side of the NXT 2.1 software. In this activity you will create 3 separate computer programs as 3 separate files whose file names should match the activity being done or the number of the tutorial so that it is easy tor retrieve particular ones during class time. Keep these and future Lego programs in a folder that will be submitted during class time next week. As you do each program, download it to your Bot and test it out to see that it performs as expected.


    • IN-CLASS NEXT WEEK Add a question to the course's online Wonder Web at the eCROP site that is related to the topics of this chapter on still images.

    Differentiated Activity

    Field Experience Intern I's

  • Intern I students will need to plan 10 lesson plans which include at least one presentation using a range of digital media and an interactive whiteboard or a Powerpoint with computer and a projection system. You also need to teach a lesson taught in a computer lab like setting where every student has a computer (a computing device with Net access: desktop, laptop, or touch tablet); this could be in the classroom using computers from a cart or in a building computer lab. Those plans will require a lesson plan template and NCSCOS or competencies as directed by your cooperating teacher. Where technologically possible students will also need to try an online team teaching lesson between classmates. Block students will have other requirements. These events will happen at different points for everyone. As they are completed, send those lesson as attachments to Messages to your instructor within Blackboard.

  • Assess/Interact

    • Remember that the archives of prior GotoMeeting events are or will be available.



    Other optional Items of Interest: 

    Online children's books



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