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    The Steps

    Look: Concepts

  • Overview. Why sound and song?
  • What is a song?
  • Loops, riffs & motives - the building blocks of music composition
  • The Whole Child Debate
  •   Look: Technical

  • Do. Apple's GarageBand 09 screen movie tutorial.
  • If an alternative to GarageBand is needed, use the Myna Audio Editor Tutorial. This application is online, free, ten tracks and comes with some sound loops for composing. Announced Sept. 16, 2009.
  • How to Add Audio to a Google Sites web page.
  • Review Copyright and Multimedia Policy-learn audio copy limitations.
  • Skim:

  • For more basic audio recording, try the Audacity tutorials: download, install it on your Windows computer to edit audio on that platform.
  • Acid Music Studio ($55) and its free to download sibling, Acid Express (Windows only).
  • SongSmith. You sing, and the software creates an automatic musical composition that supports it. Looks like beta software but it is a free download. Children would really enjoy this.
  • Teaching Beginners a book on teaching musical thought and ideas.
  • iCompositions, a Web site for publishing, listening and critiquing computer music compositions. Click the Music tab and look on the right for the number of songs available for listening in different genres.
  • Petrucci Music Library, as of 10/25/09, a growing virtual library of public domain music scores along with their analysis and discussion, containing over 43,544 scores of 2,585 composers as of 11/20/2009.
  • Introduction to Music Theory for the Masses
  • iPhone as musical instrument ; Mobile Phone Concert
  • Resources:

    Free media of the digital palette to mix with any audio project.

    List of both Web and desktop applications for audio composition activities



    Your instructor will discuss options and variations for this chapter's assignments. Everyone does the first 3 bullets.

  • Create a musical composition using Magic GarageBand and insert and use in the creation of a video composition that will be done during a later Video Composition chapter. [In-class activities.]
  • Create a multitrack audio composition (that's more than 1 track) that contributes to the unit plan theme that your team has chosen. Team members should share ideas with each other to prevent duplication within the team. Each team member does their own. Here are two suggestions. Create a radio news story using content ideas from the lesson plan. Find a poem without copyright problems or write your own poem, 1-2 minutes duration. If you are feeling innovative and have other creative ideas, run them past me first. Narrate this composition into an audio editor such as GarageBand, Myna or Audacity. Add other sound tracks such as special effects and music to go with the work. Use the knowledge learned in this chapter to export a sound track or tracks in mp3 file format.
  • Create a File Cabinet page at your Web site and upload the file into it, then link the mp3 file to an mp3 player on a Web page at your site. [In-class activity.]
  • eCROP site (link in Blackboard): contribute at least 1 question related to this chapter on audio and 1 contribution to someone else's question related to this chapter. They do not have to be in your own section.

    Differentiated Activity

    ELMG 566 - Graduate Students

    Continue collection of references within RefWorks as part of stage two of the ERIC Research Project.


    Intern I's, in the unit plan Web page, add in the information for section II and III for the Standard Course of Study competencies that will be used to guide the creation of the lesson plans to come later.

    EDMG Sec 70

    Read chapters 1 & 2 in the King's Treasure book.



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