Image Science


Though imagery plays an important role in the art and history of the humanities, imagery takes on a specialized meaning in sciences and math where software tools assist and make much easier the sophisticated measuring and analysis of images.

"Image processing's great potential as an educational tool comes from the fact that it was invented to facilitate the processes of exploration and discovery in research. In the classroom, image processing offers students meaningful ways to investigate imaging data that are too extensive to have been fully explored by the scientific community. It offers all students the power to see that data (or data they generate themselves) in novel and individualistic ways. The door is open to original scientific discovery. There IPT (image processing technology) is an intrinsically constructivist medium when used by school children" (Greenberg, 1998, p.152).

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The Image Scientists

Educational Literature

Greenberg, Richard (1998). Image Processing for Teaching: Transforming a Scientific Research Tool into an Educational Technology. Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching. 17(2/3), 149-160.



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