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  • Read: Sensors and Robotics Composition;
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  • WeDo commercial





    • Study and Create. Study and learn more about Lego Robotics and create your team and solo projects.

    See Blackboard for team and solo projects timeline for this chapter.



    • Blackboard (Asynchronous & Synchronous communication systems for formative and summative uses)


  • Note the assignment table in Blackboard for due dates. Read chapter elements. Learn the NXT 2.1 programming in depth. Complete team assignment. Complete solo project.

    Other optional Sensor & Robotics Composition items of interest : 

    •  Do: Convert $100 U.S. to some other country's currency. Currency Converter. Put down in your notes the currency used and the value you found. This is just one quick example of an online calculator among the thousands at Martindale's site.
    • Skim: Hands on the Land - national network of field classrooms to enhance kindergarten through high school student-learning.


    • Twine, connects sensors to the Web, available May 2012.
    • Explore Martindale's 'The Reference Desk': Calculators On-line Center, listing thousands of online calculator resources. Look for online calculators relevant for your personal and instructional needs.

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