Real World Digital Measurement Activities for Educators

CBL or PDA Based Labs with Probes/Sensors

TI's CBL technnology, interface and calculator, 187x152
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There are superb tools available using calculators and probes that enable authentic math and science activities in elementary, middle and high school. These tools cost far less than desktop computers. For example, dip the temperature probe in a stream at different times of day and use the data to create a graph from which to discuss the changes.

Handheld computers can also have the same probes (sensors) attached that collect data, and then the PDA (handheld computer) in turn connects to a desktop Mac or Windows computer system and uploads the data for further analysis and exploration.

using probes connected to PDAs in third grade using probes connected to PDAs in third grade using PDAs to wirelessly beam data in third grade

Watch this third grade instructor (Celeste Oprean) and students as they actively use these probes with PDAs instead of calculators:

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