Creating A Flash Animation and Converting it to an Animated GIF

Your challenge is to create an animated GIF related to your PPT slide and blog posting and insert it in your Powerpoint and and blog posting.

Watch and work thru a short Flash animation routine that we will start in class; but some changes are needed from what is shown in how to save/create the animation beginning with step 6 of the series. The final product needs to be a gif file and this requires selection of the correct Flash player (version 5, 6 or 7). Once completed, inserting it into Powerpoint is relatively simple. Making it work on a Web page such as a blog posting takes a few steps.

Additional Assignment Details

See this screen shot for a quick reminder on how to set this up. Watch the Select Correct Flash Player for GIF Animation Movie (1 min 36 sec screencast) to see this setup step by step.

Use the college's online application server to run the Adobe Flash application from home, which requires the VMWare application (See folder in BB, Tutorial/Application services). If you need greater Net speed, use the Tech Commons in Hunter Library.

Once Adobe Flash has converted the animation to GIF format, it must be uploaded to a hosting site such as, and its File Cabinet page. If you attempt to upload an animated GIF, if it shows at all using the Insert Image button, it will not animate, showing just the first image in the set of animated images.

Next, open up the relevant blog posting where the animation will be inserted. Move the cursor to the location where it should appear in the blog posting.

Type in or copy and paste the following HTML code.

<img="replace this text with the web address of Google Sites' File Cabinet file-right click download to get it" />

This could also be written more briefly as <img src = "image_url" />

Next return to your File Cabinet page to right click on the Download link under your GIF animation file name. Paste the Web address (URL of the link) between the quotation marks.

Finally, Upload the blog posting and then select View to see the animation in action. See your instructor where questions occur along this process.


There are other resources to use as well such as How To Add Gif Images / Animations To Post On Blogger.


Digital Literacy - Chapter Five - Video and Animation Version 1.0 February 18, 2014