How many media elements do you find being run from the campus radio station's or local newspaper web site? Check out the Web sites of your home town's local newspaper, radio station and TV station and answer the same question. Are any of their Web sites using the entire digital literacy palette? Other examples: NC radio stations list; NC newspapers; NC TV stations. The concept of digital convergence would predict that each will eventually include some form of media that the other specializes in along with other forms of media than most are not doing at all. A growing number of them already do so.

    Web Video Publishing Activity

    As chapter activities continue, you will put video and audio in your web pages. The major problem with the web video option is the relatively small storage space that are available to citizens in many web site accounts. Off-campus companies such as GeoCities offer 16 MB of storage space for free (but with commercials unless fees are paid). Audio clips in your web pages, often associated with a still image, can fit within your existing web account space much more easily than video, but small amounts of video will fit as well.

    Unit Plan Update

    Check to see that you are very clear about how technology will be used in this opening lesson and in the lessons that follow. If you have not done so, now is the time to link a lesson plan directly into the appropriate section of the unit plan. Link this lesson plan as a separate Web page (not Word file) that is easy for others to print out by itself. Be sure and include mention of the integration of the videoclip that you produce as part of this week's assignments in its appropriate place in section IV. See the link in the left column on Lesson Plans for further details.

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