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  • Topic: Math, thinking and spreadsheets
  • The Steps

     Look: Concepts

  • Read: Chapter Overview - Mathematics, Spreadsheets, Thinking & Graphing.
  • Read: 6 NCTM Principles The technology principle is part of a set of six principles that undergird the practice of teaching mathematics.

  • Read: The Technology Principle of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is simple. Use technology.

  • TPACK (Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators)
  • Read: Math and the LEAP Problem Processing Model The language of mathematical problem solving fits well with the LEAP model.  Note the way that the math language complements and extends the language used in other content areas such as science.
  • What is the best question to ask in a given situation so that problem solving can succeed? To pause and think, to correctly frame the problem, whether from an ethical, a critical or a creative perspective is essential to an effective solution. Compare different models of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) and memorize a question format for each level of the Revised 2000 version.
  •   Look: Technical

  • Skim these teacher technology competencies: Spreadsheets & Graphing Do you have these basic skills?

  •    Optional

  • GIS explanation and free software to download and explore
  • ESRI's GIS systems
  • Relevant Math journal articles with annotation
  • Web site that helps teach the math in many math textbooks
  • DataSpaceWeb
  • Lab for Advanced Computing

  • GapMinder
  • SmartBoard Training


    All read and complete spreadsheet study:

    Teaming: Create a lesson plan that teaches about spreadsheets with a class team which divides up responsibilities for integrating all media taught to date in the course.

    * eCROP site (link in Blackboard): contribute at least 1 question related to this chapter on audio and 1 contribution to someone else's question related to this chapter. They do not have to be in your own section.




    Overview of Assignments Due for Next Session

  • Finish chapter readings and assigned hands-on activities.
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