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    Look: Concepts


  • An Overview of the Introduction to Web Composition
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  • Breakaway Literacies. (Read next section "Exploring Composition and the Elements of the Digital Palette", stopping at the section titled "The Explosion of the Literacy Palette's Capacity for Understanding")
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  • Copyright and Multimedia Policy , "Fair Use" does not apply to the Web, NC's Department of Public Instruction (3)

  • Read (NCTE) Position Statement on Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing in Digital Environments.

      Look: Technical

    Optional readings, examples & activities

  • Text in searching, The Information Pyramid
  • Touch typing tutorials, Keyboarding for Kids; Touch Typing Study; ENSE Lab
  • Text as used in word processing
  • Text as used in outlining and graphic organizers
  • Text as used in databases, Database Study Tutorial
  • Text as used in spreadsheets, Spreadsheet Study Tutorial
  • Text used in texting, Twitter, wikis, & blogging
  • Text as web site composition: EverWeb; Google Sites.
  • Text used in URL shortening services (e.g., bit.ly, goo.gl)
  • Text from sensors (a single measurement period every 30 minutes from my year round garden sensors which accumulates and gets analyzed in Excel)
  • Text as programming and text commenting within a computer programming (see Web Turtle below)
  • Text as cross-device notetaking (e.g., SimpleNote, OneNote, EverNote)
  • Methods for Off-line browsing: Need to Show Web Pages and Don't Have Internet Access? (1)
  • "Calamity day" Web services (USA Today news story addressing school closings for all kinds of reasons) (1)
  • Evoke

  • Get the basic Lego Robotics robot completed and brought to class, which means following the manual through page 23. I strongly encourage you to put the robot in a separate bag so that when parts fall off you've got them in easy place to find and reattach them. An old backpack, large purse or other container with a zipper and big enough to hold the completed robot is ideal. If you need to borrow something I've got some old shoulder bags, contact me.

  • Add relevant Web links to the Powerpoint and Blog posting created and submitted for the last chapter. See the related assignment submission links in Blackboard.

  • Complete the introduction to computer programming using the Web Turtle web site and submit the assignment in Blackboard.

  • IN CLASS NEXT WEEK. What is a team? Read/explore how this "problem finding" system expands the wonderweb idea. How does it work? Q2A: Building on the Wonder Web In-class activity. - Question2Answer site: register and study. The site extends the WonderWall idea to the digital universe, with the potential to connect classrooms to the community outside their walls. Homework: ask a question related to chapter two. We are going to put a link to a question of yours at in a posting at your blog site. In class teams will work on responding to each other's questions (where possible).

    Differentiated Activities
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    Preparation and Assignments Due for Next Meeting

  • Do the readings.

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