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    After the introductory essay in the big main window to the right has been finished, follow the links below. Like going down the rungs of a ladder, click, read, finish your study and move down one to the next link. Continue until you have reached the bottom.

    Look: Concepts

    Course Overview

    Do these web pages first:

    1.Setup: Course OS (9 pgs.)

    2. Read: See your Blackboard site's link to the Syllabus and Assignment table.

    Chapter One Activities

    3: Ch1 - Operating Systems (6) "Flashcard Review" slides for this reading.

    4: The Four Ages of Thinking: Evolutionary Layered Literacy (30)

    4.5: WeDo Lego Composition - Sensors, Robotics and Programming

    5: The CROP site (2). Schools build their curriculum around competencies. The world builds its curriculum around real-world questions and finding answers. Could schools do that too?

    6. Web conferencing - innovative personal and class communication

    7 Assesment of Technology Integration Rubric from ISTE.

    Look: Technical

    8. Skim: Linux OS- Overview of the Linux OS, an emerging but still distant competitor to the Windows and Mac operating systems  (1)

    9. Optional Review on Macintosh Leopard operating system features - movies; text description if you need to know more about the Apple OS

    10. Optional Review on Windows Vista operating system features - movies (see Windows Vista Business by logging in with 92#/pwd) ; text description if you need to know more about the Windows OS


    11. In-class Project. 13. Wonder Web Board display (4): use a team and paper to model question discovery and response, a microcosm of the Internet and its value. Post those paper (post-it notes) on a larger display board.

    12. Setup and test out your WCU GoToMeeting account to enable practicing Web conferencing.

    13. In-class Project: Create a digital snapshot of yourself. This might be called Photobooth Thinking.

    14. In-class Project. Create your own blog (1) and your first blog posting and a Powerpoint slide with the same information, teaching us about a favoirte instructional topic.

    Differentiated Activities

  • Graduate students. Read the ERIC Research Project and plan a timeline for the semester to complete it. Suggestions on pace will appear in future chapters in this section. Discuss with your instructor as needed.
  • Assess

    • 16. Blackboard Login Find the link to and
    • complete the digital literacy course-survey;
    • read Getting to Know You and add your contribution. This posting can be edited later to add or change information.



    Preparation and Assignments Due for Next Week

  • Read and complete the activities in this column. This week can be summarized in this way:
    1. Finish your readings as assigned by the instructor.
    2. Complete activities in green section.
    3. Prepare for a practice in-class multiple item practice quiz over this chapter's readings.
    4. Complete the digital literacy-course survey in Blackboard.

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